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the best website design and development

Better Design Studio

Clarify your website design for better sales and customer engagement
design improvement • development  maintenance • support  • marketing campaign • brand strategy
How is your poor and cluttered website affecting your business?
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Lost of sales 

Lack of credibility 

Negative brand perception

Missed opportunities 

High bounce rate

No customer loyalty

Do you need clarity on your website design that will elevate your brand and customer's love?
the best website design and development
the best website design and development

Services Price

the best website design and development

Optimisation Suite 

A monthly website maintenance with marketing campaign subscription

350 USD per month

This service includes:

  • Website design updates: content updates, visual enhancements, ongoing design improvement & developments.

  • Website Maintenance: security monitoring, SEO optimisation, bug fixes.

  • Monthly marketing campaign: a holistic website marketing campaign with a focus on gaining subscriptions and engagements using newsletters, blogs, and email marketing.

* you can cancel anytime!

Branding & new website launch 

New website creation and development, perfect for a new small business!

1200 USD (4 pages)

This service includes:

  • Brand development: a cohesive branding strategy and a style guide that outlines colours, fonts, and visual elements.

  • Website design and development: personalised website design, content management system, website copy. 

  • Social media and marketing campaign setup: launch social media profiles that reflects the brand strategy with a preferred website integrated campaign.

Better Designs Website

a collection of client's websites we redesigned and built for better sales and customers engagement

Never losing customers again with Better Design

Each of our design services comes with a marketing campaign to help you get better sales

website design and marketing
Website Optimisation Suite 
  • Cost-effective subscription model with fixed monthly pricing

  • Dedicated support and expertise from a specialised team

  • Consistent branding and messaging across channels

  • Saves time and resources by outsourcing maintenance and marketing

  • Improved website performance and user experience

  • Comprehensive solution for all website management needs

New Branding & Website Launch
  • Customised website creation tailored to your business needs

  • Comprehensive branding and website design services in one package

  • Fast and efficient project turnaround to get your business online quickly.

  • Cost-effective solution for new small businesses

  • Strategic design to enhance customer trust and credibility

the best website design and development
the best website design and development
  • How does the fixed monthly pricing work on the Website Optimisation Suite plan?
    The Website Optimisation Suite is priced at 350 USD per month, providing you with a fixed and predictable cost structure for your website maintenance and marketing efforts. This eliminates the need for separate contracts and negotiations, allowing you to budget and plan your marketing expenses more efficiently.
  • How will the Website Optimisation Suite monthly plan benefit my business?
    The goal of this monthly plan is to ensure that your website is consistently updated, secure, and performing optimally, providing a seamless user experience and improved search engine visibility. And having a strategised well planned campaign for your weekly and monthly marketing, will definitely remove the stress from your to-do lists and create more consistency, which is important for your long-term performance.
  • I just launched a business, and it is still relatively small. I need a website for my business but the budget is tight at the moment. Is it possible to pay for the branding and new website launch plan in installments?
    We completely understand you! We offer the possibility for small business clients to pay in installments of maximum 2 times. You can contact our website consultant at to gain more information on this and don't forget to let us know more details about your business situation.
  • As provided in the plan, can I customise the marketing campaigns to suit my business goals?
    Absolutely! The marketing campaigns are tailored to align with your specific business objectives and target audience. In general, our main marketing campaigns focus on newsletters, blogs, and email marketing. During our collaboration, we work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop campaigns that effectively promote your products or services.
the best website design and development
the best website design and development
the best website design and development

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the best website design and development

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